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Using Articles & Bookmarking

Articles are a great free way to promote your hoplink.

You can even outsource them from $2 to $10 an article. Once published they continue to direct traffic for years to come, and even get published by other webmasters.

Some article sites are better then others, but all are valuable.

Ezine Articles is by far the best, however they do not accept direct affiliate links, so you will need to build a review website, or redirect your link.

Other article directories are...


Go Articles

Article Dashboard

Buzzle Articles


One way to submit a unique version of your article to various blogs and article directories, is by using Unique Article Wizard

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

On top of submitting your articles to directories you can post them on web 2.0 sites like...







Once you have these articles up, you can leave them to do their work, or you can treat them like your own webpages, and and build links so you can get ranked and drive even more traffic.

One way to push more traffic and links to your articles, is to use bookmarks, you can bookmark your articles at sites like...

Digg &


Or you can use automation software like Bookmarking Demon to bookmark your pages to 100 +sites.

I always recommend posting original articles that you wrote or had somebody write, since duplicate content is not indexed, and rejected by most directories.

However, I have provided an example article that you can use to start off, I suggest re-writing it, but you are free to copy and paste it, if you feel it will suffice.

Sample Article


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