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We have one the most up to date and comprehensive Candida and yeast infection related products on clickbank, and take pride in the fact that so many affiliates are making money promoting our product.

So why should you consider promoting us...

  • It has a low refund rate.
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  • And it is more comprehensive then any of it's competitors, being created by a sufferer not outsourced to someone who simply researched the information.

Getting Started - How our Affiliate Program works

Our affiliate program is handled through If you have not dealt with or have not heard of Clickbank, rest assured they are largest web based billing center for downloadable products. They are easy to get started with, and always pay on time.

So if you haven't got a clickbank ID yet, then you first need to go here and click on the green "SIGN UP" bottom on the right of the page:

The sign up link may move around, but just look for a signup link.

Once you have your account nick name, your affiliate link will be:

Make sure you replace your YourID with your own clickbank ID

Alternatively you can search the marketplace for "natural candida cleanse" and click the promote button on our listing to create your hoplink.

When you get your affiliate link, you will be able to promote the program by sending people to our website through your personal link, this will track how many people purchase through your link and pay you accordingly.

You can advertise using pay per click, classifieds, article marketing, placing banner ads on your website, or by promoting your link to your email list. (The options are endless)

We have already tested several methods of promotion so you can simply copy and paste, however for best results you should always test.

Check out our tested promotional material by clicking the links below...


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How To Use Email Promotion


These are the most common forms of advertising, but there are many other options you can try, like using classified ads, or videos.

Classified ads

You can place classified ads on a variety of websites, and even offline, so long as you send them to your personal hoplink.

Some place to post classified ads


US Free Ads

What ever methods you use, we have the material to help you out, so good luck and get started today.


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